Case Status, a mobile client portal and messaging platform with a primary focus on consumer law firms, has raised $5 million in a Series B round, bringing its total funding to over $11 million. 

Last January, the company raised $3.5 million in a Series A venture capital round, and it had previously raised of $1.5 million in seed funding in 2020 and $750,000 in funding in 2019.

This latest round was led by Panoramic Ventures, which also participated in its Series A round.

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Cofounder and CEO Andy Seavers said it has never been more important for law firms to scale client service, and that includes what he calls the “legal technology triad” of their businesses: intake, case management and client service.

While many businesses use generic customer service software such as Zendesk, Hubspot or Intercom, he said, Case Status is specifically designed as a dedicated platform to support client service in the legal industry.

Case Status was cofounded in 2017 by lawyer Lauren Sturdivant, who later returned to law practice but remains chairman of the board, and Seavers, who was its CTO before becoming CEO after Sturdivant’s departure. 

Its primary customer focus is on consumer law firms in the United States and Candada offering services on a flat-fee or contingency basis. Its customers include firms in personal injury, immigration, family law, and more, as well as professional services organizations outside the legal profession, such as veterans affairs and senior living.

Its mobile app serves as a mobile client portal and provides clients with case updates, text messaging, appointments, and more, all delivered securely on their phone.

It also integrates with a number of practice management platforms.

Sturdivant told me that the company continues to exceed its projections for growth and is being implemented in some of the largest firms in the U.S.

“Case Status updates are turning into the new norm in legal,” she said, “which is how it should be.”