Earlier this month, e-discovery company Everlaw became one of the few legal technology companies to join the elite ranks of unicorn status — companies valued at over $1 billion — with the announcement of a $202 million Series D funding at a valuation of over $2 billion. It had already been a big year for the company, which saw 80% year-over-year growth, the launch of several new products, and its first-ever user conference. 

To discuss these developments, I am joined in my LawNext podcast by AJ Shankar, Everlaw’s founder and CEO, He brings us up to date on the company’s latest developments and his plans for further expanding the product and its market, including expanding Everlaw’s platform beyond e-discovery into broader areas of legal technology. 

Shankar was previously on this podcast in April 2019, where he discussed the company’s founding and early development. Those interested in learning more about Everlaw may want to listen to that episode as well. Shankar was a computer scientist with a doctorate from the University of California, Berkeley, when he founded Everlaw in 2011 as one of the earliest cloud-based e-discovery platforms. 

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