Loan officers and mortgage teams looking to simplify and supercharge their end-to-end workflows in this new digital mortgage era have a powerful combo in their toolkit—Shape Software and CRM’s integration with digital Point of Sale (POS) and mortgage automation solution Floify!


Through June 30th, 2020, get one free month of Floify when you sign up for Shape!

Now, more than ever, lending teams need adaptive and efficient tech that improves their workflow and simplifies the day-to-day admin. Borrowers are wading through historic changes in both the economy and market, and you need tools that can help you nurture prospects on the fence and keep relationships going with existing clients. 

Shape + Floify does this and so much more. 

With this powerful combo in your tech stack you can eliminate countless other costly software tools and instead rely on two industry leaders to simplify your origination and mortgage processes in this new landscape where speed and building relationships is key!

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Meet Your New Workflow…

With the Shape Software and Floify integration you’ll get access to the ultimate mortgage POS and CRM automation workflow. Using this best-in-class combo, loan originators using Floify to automate their mortgage processes and Shape to manage their lead & customer database, can now seamlessly access Floify’s secure document management system directly within Shape to maintain all important borrower documentation and correspondence in a single location.

No more tabbing between systems, no more manual data entry and exporting—just a simple, compliant, and easy process every single time. In a world where everyday seems unpredictable, rely on Shape + Floify to consistently deliver an amazing experience for you and your clients.

Other Benefits Include:

  • Create new leads from Floify with a corresponding Floify loan flow.

  • Synchronize uploaded documentation from Floify into a linked Shape contact record.

  • View all communication with a contact from both Floify and Shape in Shape’s contact log.

  • Trigger Shape notifications when a milestone is checked-off within a Floify loan flow. 


Save $59 through June 30

Ready to kickstart a new, more productive chapter for your mortgage business? New or existing Floify users will receive one free month of Floify when they open a new Shape Software account through June 30, 2020 (a $59 value).

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