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With the recent rise of renewable energy, it’s not surprising that the solar business has quickly become one of the fastest growing industries in the US. More and more people are buying into the idea of clean, renewable energy, while also noticing the potential savings of going solar. Exciting as this may be, solar companies of all sizes are at risk
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 From starting the loan origination to completing the loan request, the process for a loan can be messy, especially without proper organization. Loan officers know this well, which is why ICE Mortgage Technology created Encompass, a Loan Origination System (LOS) capable of integrating with CRM software such as Shape’s Mortgage CRM, to help organize the process of applying for a
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In a competitive market like the mortgage industry, staying ahead of your competitors is vital for your success. Using CRM software such as Shape’s Mortgage CRM will definitely help, but it shouldn’t be the only tool at your disposal. As more and more companies realize how much money can be made through mortgages, gathering high quality leads has become an
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For Megan Weil, a Marketing Manager of the independent Equity Home Mortgage in Tampa, ensuring her team can take advantage of the historic influx of buyers, and refinancers all came down to workflow. With so many new leads coming into her firm’s pipeline every week, it was critical to have a technology that could help keep everyone on her team
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Welcome back to “Building Up Better,” Shape’s blog series aimed to help brokers build up stronger, more profitable businesses in 2021 by harnessing the power of technology. In our last post, we quantified how technology automation can save brokers tons of time, drive more revenue, and help create more efficient workflows. Today we’re going to dive deeper into an area many
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Welcome back to “Building Up Better,” Shape’s blog series aimed to help brokers build up stronger, more profitable businesses in 2021 by harnessing the power of technology.

In previous posts, we’ve discussed in more detail the best way to generate high-quality, qualified leads for your mortgage business. But how do you deliver a high-quality customer experience that breeds loyalty and
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Welcome back to “Building Up Better,” Shape’s blog series aimed to help brokers build up stronger, more profitable businesses in 2021 by harnessing the power of technology.

In this post, we’ll dive deeper into everyone’s favorite topic: money. The last 12+ months have been a wild ride for brokers everywhere, but not every lender has optimized their workflow or tech
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Welcome to “Build Up Better,” a new blog series from the mortgage experts at Shape, which will help you emerge from 2020’s unpredictability with the essential tips, tricks, and best practices needed to make 2021 the best year ever for your business. 

Although we’re making our way through the first quarter of another record-breaking mortgage market, it’s never too
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When done correctly, digital marketing can be a lender or realtor’s best friend. Building an end-to-end campaign that generates high-quality leads, brings them into your funnel, nurtures them, and ultimately converts means more (ideally, repeatable) revenue for your business. Easy, right?Well, without a proven system or technology in place to track and measure the return on your investment, marketing
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Mortgage marketing is changing minute by minute and the pressure for brokers is on. Check out these key predictions from leading mortgage experts so you can generate and convert more leads now and in the future.The mortgage business was never a cake walk. Brokers, loan officers and team leaders have always had to constantly find new ways to market and
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At a GlanceShape’s mortgage CRM + POS has been a powerful tool for loan officers and originators looking to build efficient lending workflows, simplify their processes, and grow revenue. With our latest integration update, you can now leverage the power of Encompass LOS to shorten your lending cycle even more and drive more impact for prospects and clients alike. Why
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At a GlanceLooking for a simpler, more streamlined way to build out your mortgage pipeline without breaking the bank? The new Shape + Arlo connection helps lenders attract, pre-qualify, and nurture only the best quality leads to conversion while maximizing the use of existing marketing budgets. Why You Need This DuoShape and Arlo working in tandem help busy lenders take
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2020 has been a historic year on many different fronts, but for lenders, a flurry of new borrowers due to the lowest interest rates in 50 years has caught many off-guard. With an astounding influx of clients, loan officers have struggled to keep up with an immense amount of leads, finding it difficult to even contact most, let alone
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At a GlanceIf you’re tired of wasting precious administrative time on low-quality or non-converting leads for your solar business, it’s time you tried the powerful and proven combo of Shape Solar CRM + Verse! With our new seamless connection with Verse, the lead conversion leader, you can use the power of AI lead scoring and automation to qualify your
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