In this episode of Reimagining Law, we talk to Cynthia Fountaine, professor at Southern Illinois University School of Law, about COVID-19’s impact on legal education, how students are adapting, and how she sees the pandemic impacting law schools long term.

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Cynthia L. Fountaine

Cynthia Fountaine is a professor at Southern Illinois University School of Law and a Commission on Professionalism commissioner. Cynthia served as the School of Law’s first woman dean from July 2010 – September 2017. Cynthia now focuses her teaching on issues related to the powers of government, and access to justice, with an emphasis on the federal courts’ role in enforcing individuals’ rights. Her areas of expertise include civil procedure, legal globalization, federal courts, civil rights, the jury process, complex litigation, and legal ethics.

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About Reimagining Law

The Reimagining Law video series explores how legal and judicial professionals are adapting the delivery of services to meet the unique needs of today’s consumers. The first episodes will focus on the ways that attorneys and judges are continuing to deliver justice amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Reimagining Law is produced by the Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism.

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