Docketwise, a case management platform for immigration attorneys, said today that it is opening its application programming interface to the public in order to encourage the interoperability of the many innovative immigration technologies on the market.

“With thousands of immigration lawyers and paralegals logging into Docketwise every day, we have the unique ability to connect immigration firms with tech that will make their lives easier,” cofounder Jefemy Peskin said in a post he published today on LinkedIn.

“For that reason, yesterday we opened the most critical functions of our application to the public via a secure and RESTful API. We’ll be continuing to build this out in the coming weeks.”

Peskin noted that many innovative applications have been developed to serve the immigration market. Some of these are client-facing apps such as LegalPad, Boundless and Bridge, others are designed to help attorneys modernize their immigration practices, such as LaborLess, ImmiTranslate, Public Charge Advisor, and

But while much of the same data is used across these apps, there is no method of frictionless flow among them, so that data could go from an intake bot to a case management system to a document translation platform.

“This is where API’s are so powerful,” Peskin writes. “An API is like a tunnel in cyberspace that can unite completely different apps under a singular purpose, like modernizing an immigration practice.”

Technologists interested in learning more can review the company’s API docs and learn more about integrating at its developers page. You can also email