Our friends at the Legal Talk Network sent Tom Mighell and I the stats on episode downloads of our podcast in 2019. I wanted to share those because it will give new listeners some good suggestions on where to start. Remember that the stats are for the whole year and that puts the most recent shows at a disadvantage. You might start with the newest ones and then work your way through the most popular ones.

1. What’s Your Favorite Cool Tool?

2. Best Practices for Measures and Metrics in Law Firms

3. The Future of Legal Tech Conferences

4. Resolutions for Tech Improvement in 2019

5. Taking Back Control: Managing Your Tech Addiction the Smart Way

6. Deep Fakes: Preparing Lawyers to Combat Counterfeits

7. Exploring Mary Meeker’s 2019 Internet Trends Report

8. Technology Competence Perspectives

9. Emojis and Gifs: Pictorial Language Implications in Law

10. Exploring the Definition of “Legal Technology”

In my opinion, we’re currently in a run of great episodes and have some great ideas for future.

Looking at the numbers, I’d expect the following episodes to have a good chance of having made their way into the top 10 if we checked back in six months:

Cyber “Insecurity”: Why You Need to Rethink your Security Practices

Quantum Computing — How Will it Affect the Legal Profession?

The Rewarding Practice of Personal Quarterly Off-Sites

Successful Innovation Outcomes in Law

Even More Cool Tools!

The full archive of episodes can be found here.

But we want to hear from our listeners – that means you. We have a voice mail number at (720) 441-6820. Or you can LinkedIn message Tom or me or you can reach me by commenting on this post or sending me an email.

Thanks for listening!!


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