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My friends and colleagues have been referring to me as an “idea therapist.” I hear this when they mention an idea or innovation project and I help them reshape it into something for which they can see a much clearer path than before. They describe what I do as idea therapy and think it is one of my best skills.
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I had a great time presenting about AI at the 2024 State Bar of Michigan’s Great Lakes Legal Conference last week. It was cool to have four Michigan Supreme Court Justices in one of the sessions.

As part of my ongoing effort to help make the Michigan legal community leaders in AI and law, I presented a workshop on AI
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Is your leadership team asking for more innovation from your law department? Is delivering innovation results on your department or personal annual objective list?

C-suites are demanding that their general counsels and law departments accelerate their efforts to keep pace with innovation goals across the organization. They want their law departments to be as creative as the rest of the
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As summer arrives and my grading season has ended, I find myself eagerly anticipating some quality time experimenting with generative AI. After a spring semester filled with teaching a course on AI and the Law and conducting numerous prompting experiments, I am ready to continue my exploration.

This excitement is tempered by the sheer volume of AI programs and self-proclaimed
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Ethical Implications of Generative AI for the Michigan Lawyer: Navigating the Digital LandscapeFrequently Asked Questions (December 2023 Version)

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Executive Summary

How might the evolution of generative AI impact the legal profession in the next 5-10 years?In the rapidly evolving landscape of legal technology, AI has emerged as a powerful tool with transformative potential. This list of Frequently Asked
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I held my Q3 Personal Quarterly Offsite last week. I developed this technique several years ago and have found it incredibly useful.

The premise is that, like a corporate or business retreat or offsite, you can and should set aside a few hours every quarter to focus on your personal goals, developments, and status, and then work on strategies and
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I recently presented to a great audience at the State Bar of Michigan Information Technology Law Section’s Annual conference about AI. I described my presentation as an introduction to AI for not-overly-technical lawyers. And it was a lot of fun. Although I’m now concentrating on speaking a private events, it was great to do a presentation for my local community
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I’m starting to publish regular blog posts from my generative AI experiments in what I now refer to as my “AI Lab.” In this post, I offer for your consideration the output generated by ChatGPT after a series of prompts I tried. I’m now calling what I’m doing “promptcrafting,” because, hey, why not? “Prompt engineering” no longer seems like
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Adding a ‘Group Advisory Layer’ to Your Use of Generative AI Tools Through Structured Prompting: Using Personas for Advisory Boards, Task Forces, Mastermind Groups, and Other Collections of Personas to Assist in Evaluations, Assessments, Recommendations, Decision-making, and much more (Including Law-related Examples)

A Kennedy Idea Propulsion Laboratory White Paper

By Dennis KennedySeptember 10, 2023

Download a PDF version

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The Michigan State Law Review Forum has published my article titled “Displaying and Evidencing Contract Terms in a Post-Visual Era.” In this article, I explore the challenges that come with the increasing use of non-visual transactions, interfaces, and devices in today’s contracting landscape. I’ve been thinking about these issues from my days at Mastercard and appreciated the opportunity
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