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I’m starting to publish regular blog posts from my generative AI experiments in what I now refer to as my “AI Lab.” In this post, I offer for your consideration the output generated by ChatGPT after a series of prompts I tried. I’m now calling what I’m doing “promptcrafting,” because, hey, why not? “Prompt engineering” no longer seems like
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Adding a ‘Group Advisory Layer’ to Your Use of Generative AI Tools Through Structured Prompting: Using Personas for Advisory Boards, Task Forces, Mastermind Groups, and Other Collections of Personas to Assist in Evaluations, Assessments, Recommendations, Decision-making, and much more (Including Law-related Examples)

A Kennedy Idea Propulsion Laboratory White Paper

By Dennis KennedySeptember 10, 2023

Download a PDF version

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The Michigan State Law Review Forum has published my article titled “Displaying and Evidencing Contract Terms in a Post-Visual Era.” In this article, I explore the challenges that come with the increasing use of non-visual transactions, interfaces, and devices in today’s contracting landscape. I’ve been thinking about these issues from my days at Mastercard and appreciated the opportunity
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Would you help me out with a LinkedIn poll I’m currently running?

I’ve been told by several people (yes, more than one) that I should share what I’ve been doing with ChatGPT for personal productivity, planning, and innovation, and give some practical tips on those approaches. I’ve been doing a ton of experiments and have found some great uses. These
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Is your leadership team asking for more innovation from your law department? Is delivering innovation results on your department or personal annual objective list?

C-suites are demanding that their general counsels and law departments accelerate their efforts to keep pace with innovation goals across the organization. They want their law departments to be as creative as the rest of the
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Over the last semester, I’ve been teaching two classes at Michigan State University College of Law, one called AI and the Law and the other called New Technologies and the Law, and a class at University of Michigan Law School called Legal Technology Literacy and Leadership. All three classes pushed me to keep up-to-date with the nearly-daily developments in AI,
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I’m loving writing my new column on law department innovation for the must-visit LegalTechHub. It’s so much fun to have a regular monthly column again. I’m also pleased with how the columns are turning out.

Here’s a list of the columns through May 2023:

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Tom Mighell and I have started a new interview series on The Kennedy-Mighell Report that features “fresh voices on legal tech.” We’ve published three of these already and plan for it to be an ongoing series.

We’re excited both about the idea of the series and the first three episodes – great guests with fresh perspectives and fresh voices.

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As I’ve taught classes on cybersecurity, it has struck me how difficult it is for small law firms, and small businesses in general, to protect themselves against cybersecurity threats. It’s difficult to find resources, help, and tools. Doing it right feels like it would be expensive, if you were able to find someone you could trust.

At the same time,
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I wanted to ask my readers to keep the entire Michigan State University community in mind after February 13 shootings. I’ve found the aftermath to be difficult and challenging.

As part of my coping process, I have intentionally chosen not to write about these matters, and I expect to continue to adopt that approach.

While I plan to return to
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I’ve decided that I want as many people as possible to read my book, Successful Innovation Outcomes in Law: A Practical Guide for Law Firms, Law Departments and Other Legal Organizations, so I’m now making it available as a FREE PDF download –  Successful Innovation Outcomes in Law – 2023 PDF Version. If you like the book and PDF
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One of the big challenges about publishing a blog on focused topics is that external events can intrude and make your posts seem like they don’t live in the real world.
Twenty years ago today, I published my first post on this blog. Over the years, I liked to mark each blogiversary (or blawgiversary) with some kind of a clever
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Tom Mighell and I have an annual tradition at The Kennedy-Mighell Report podcast of publicly announcing and discussing our technology resolutions for the upcoming year. We also talk about how well or not so well we did with our resolutions from the last year.
The 2023 edition of the podcast is now out to launch the new year with a
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