Another day, another great review for our Shape Legal CRM and marketing automation tool. 

Just last week Attorney at Work, one of the top resources for legal technology and news, named our system a “mature all-in-one product.

“Think of any sort of data your law firm collects, and I’ll challenge you to find one sliver of that data set that does not have an obvious home in Shape. If the object of a CRM system is to make marketing more predictable so that you make better decisions about lead management and conversion, then it’s also true that the more data you can leverage, the more intelligent your decisions start to become. And, it’s all in here.”

One of the biggest pain points for growing law firms can be the sheer volume of raw data they collect and must account for–intake forms, matter info, related contacts, phone conversations, email communications, and more. Even a well-oiled support staff machine can struggle to keep up, and many times, important information falls through the cracks. 

Missed calls or appointments don’t just impact client satisfaction, but also your bottom line. 

“Shape also covers a massive data sinkhole for most law firms: text messaging and phone calls. The worst thing you can do in your law practice, from a management and legal ethics perspective, is to have communications with leads and clients you can’t track. Yet law firms routinely text leads and clients and call them (a more traditional problem) without any ability to capture that data.”

A major complaint on review forums and legal tech roundups is the lack of plug and play accessibility from CRMs and automation tools. Many legacy software systems in legal lack the sophistication and ease of use to make them widely adaptable to larger practices. 

Do you think your staff and partners have a dozen hours to learn new software, migrate all their data into it, then attend a series of training webinars or onboarding sessions to get fully up to speed? Well, most other legal CRMs out there think you should!

However unlike them, Shape is user-friendly and incredibly easy to use (we also don’t gauge you on mandatory setup fees to migrate aforementioned data!). 

“Shape is very dashboard-heavy, which is one of the better developments of modern software systems. The user homepage features a number of dashboards focused on direct, important, basic metrics — like how many new prospects are there, and how many you have converted over a given period of time. You are delivered information near at hand on contact types, marketing sources and appointments. These are all things that law firms search for, and try to combine across various silos.”

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