Docket Alarm is excited to announce an innovative new calendaring feature that binds the work of docketing professionals more closely to attorneys. This feature will be showcased during the National Docketing Association’s 7th Annual Conference this September 22-24 in Denver, CO.

The calendaring feature combines the most state of the art docket research platform with a robust set of court rules to calculate any deadline:

  • Track cases with lightning-fast updates, whether or not your firm has made a notice of appearance;
  • Search through entire case records to find documents in your own or related cases;
  • Research court rules and scheduling orders, and how individual judges have applied them in the past, quickly find sample documents;
  • Calendar deadlines quickly, by simply selecting a docket entry, and synching it with all attorneys on the case.

“Missing a court deadline is the number one way law firms end up in malpractice suits,” said Docket Alarm Founder and Managing Director Michael Sander. “Now, docket professionals will be able to access court rules directly on the complete docket, reducing errors and increasing visibility of upcoming deadlines across the litigation team.”

Both docketing and the calendaring feature are combined on one platform thereby increasing the ease of use, reducing the amount of money and time spent on training and eliminating any decentralized system of docketing and calendaring. The calendaring feature is powered by CalendarRules and by docket data pulled from over 300 million records in Docket Alarm’s database.

To learn more about how to use calendaring feature, along with all of our other features, email us at