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Docket Alarm’s state analytics have expanded to four exciting new jurisdictions across three new states.With state analytics enabled, each docket event is tagged with an event type and, if applicable, a motion identifier and outcome. With state court analytics, users can view large trends in these and other jurisdictions. You can see which motion types are likely to be successful
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Docket Alarm recently expanded coverage in the state of Michigan to include Macomb County! The addition of Macomb County along with our existing coverage in Wayne County gives users near complete coverage in the Motor City USA, Detroit. The addition of Macomb County comes on the heels of adding Oklahoma state and additional counties in California. Stay updated with Docket Alarm
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Docket Alarm now features new ways to get more from your data with SALI tags. SALI, or Standards Advancement for the Legal Industry, is an organization promoting a universal, interoperable system for tagging legal cases and documents. Docket Alarm’s API can now take advantage of SALI tags through two new AI endpoints – Area of Law and Forum and Venues The Area
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Mutual customers can leverage the power of Vincent AI to add powerful Generative AI workflows, research, and analysis.Chicago and Miami (May 29, 2024), iManage, the company dedicated to Making Knowledge Work™, and vLex, a leading global legal intelligence platform, today jointly announced a new partnership which will see a number of secure and robust integrations enhancing the workflows and
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Searching for a company’s litigation record is rarely as simple as entering a name and clicking “search.” Companies may be listed on dockets under dozens of variations— parent corporations, subsidiaries, business units, misspellings and more. Missing relevant search results is not the only concern either. Searches for common business names may yield overly-inclusive results, including false-positives for “Apple Orchards Inc.” when
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We are excited to introduce a new feature for our customers: customizable document titles in Docket Alarm alerts. This new feature allows you to tailor the titles of documents attached to alerts, facilitating seamless integration with your document management systems and automated workflows.  With customizable document titles, you can include various fields such as: 

  • Court Name
  • Case Title
  • Docket Number
  • Document

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Docket Alarm is thrilled to announce the latest addition to our growing suite of OpenAI-powered endpoints: the Billing Rates Extractor. This game-changing tool enables users to quickly and easily access the hourly rates charged by attorneys, empowering legal professionals to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.The Billing Rates Extractor leverages the power of OpenAI’s advanced language processing
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Docket Alarm is proud to present our latest tools powered by artificial intelligence -the Complaint Summarizer and Cause of Action Extractor endpoints for the Docket Alarm API. These tools allow users to quickly and easily answer two of the most important questions present in any lawsuit – what are the facts alleged in the complaint, and what laws are alleged
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Crafting precise search queries can be a time-consuming and delicate process, even for the most sophisticated of legal researchers. The beta launch of Docket Alarm’s new Smart Search endpoint seeks to streamline this process while optimizing the accessibility of even the most granular litigation data.The Smart Search tool converts plain language instructions into robust queries, perfectly tailored to Docket Alarm’s
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It can feel impossible to locate quality litigation data when crafting search queries from partial case details. Without a full docket number and court details, targeted data points can easily evade detection—obscured by the ever-rising tide of new cases and filings. However, Docket Alarm’s latest API innovation, the Case Matcher endpoint, harnesses advanced language models and search engineering to match
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We are thrilled to share a significant milestone in the evolution of Docket Alarm — our database now houses over 800 million documents and dockets, marking a momentous expansion that reinforces our commitment to delivering the most comprehensive legal research tool available. This achievement not only highlights our continuous growth but also our unwavering dedication to enhancing the research capabilities
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Docket Alarm’s state analytics have expanded to new jurisdictions, including major cities.Pleading tags, launched for federal courts in 2022, apply universal identifiers to docket entries, making it easier to quickly read a docket sheet. The pleading tags also power motion analytics, allowing users to learn how likely a particular motion type is to succeed. The newly launched jurisdictions include: 

  • District of

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Exciting news from Docket Alarm: we’ve expanded our coverage in California! We now cover Mariposa, Mendocino, Shasta and Yolo counties, which includes the metropolitan of Sacramento. With these additions, Docket Alarm now covers a total of 31 counties in California, bringing us closer to complete coverage in the state.This expansion brings our total county coverage to over 1,270. Stay updated
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Docket Alarm is thrilled to announce our expansion into the Tar Heel state: North Carolina. This addition covers 17 counties, including key cities like Raleigh and Charlotte. This expansion provides docket and document access to Superior and District Court data dating back to 2017.The counties now covered include Beaufort, Camden, Chowan, Currituck, Dare, Gates, Harnett, Hyde, Johnston, Lee, Martin, Mecklenburg,
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Docket Alarm has expanded  Pleading Tags and Motion Analytics in state courts, adding coverage statewide in Wisconsin. Pleading tag apply universal identifiers to docket entries, making it easier to quickly read a docket sheet. The pleading tags also power motion analytics, allowing users to learn how likely a particular motion type is to succeed. The new Wisconsin coverage is the latest in
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