Whether you’re venturing off from partners or fresh out of law school, every new law firm needs the same two tools to compete in today’s market: the right software and the right processes

For every bar complaint made by clients about lack of communication from their attorney, there is a firm creating a seamless and high-touch experience without doing any heavy lifting. 

Which one would you rather be?

Why Process Matters 

Ever misplaced a client’s information in a pile of paperwork on your desk? Forgot to follow up after you sent out an intake form? These are everyday mistakes we all make as busy attorneys. The problem is that without proper data and workflow management (AKA “process”), we leave ourselves exposed to hiccups that can cause major disruptions to our business (AKA cash flow). 

Process is much more than how you think a new DUI client or probate case: it’s documenting and implementing it in a way that becomes easily repeatable for anyone. Great process documentation means fewer errors, happier clients, and a lot of time saved. 

Do you have processes documented for any of the following?

  • New client inquiries

  • Getting documents sent, signed, and received

  • Assigning tasks to your support staff

  • Billing and payments

  • Managing a client’s case work and data

  • Marketing, client updates, and seeking referrals

  • And the list goes on…

Why the Right Software Matters

As lawyers, we are no strangers to the galaxy of specialized software catering to us, promising to make our lives easier, better, shinier. The reality is, not every tool is needed for your law firm. Racking up a ton of monthly subscription fees isn’t exactly the best way to launch a new law firm. 

Instead of stringing together a bunch of disparate tools, we recommend that new and growing law firms adopt a powerful and complete CRM solution for a variety of reasons: 

  • Stay organized – create workflows for all the processes we mentioned above to keep you consistent and your clients happy

  • Save money – you don’t need a tool for e-signature, documents, billing, intake, marketing, and more – a good CRM combines all those in one package

  • Grow profit – 65% of law firms who use a CRM meet or exceed their sales and revenue forecasting – starting out with a CRM as your firm’s backbone gives you this advantage

5 Key Features of a CRM That Will Help Your New Law Firm 

1. Online Documents

Build and send custom intake forms, generate fee agreements or contracts with e-signature, send invoices, and accept online payments. All documents seamlessly sync to your client’s matters, so you always have a paper trail. 

2. Matter & Case Management

Assign tasks to your support staff, automate case status updates via SMS/email, log client communications, and keep all your client details in one secure place.

3. Client Portal

Provide a secure portal where clients can log in, upload documents, check on their case status, review your policies and procedures, and take care of essential admin (all from their phone or desktop).

4. Email & SMS Automation

Streamline your email communication with in-depth email & SMS drip campaigns, nurture leads to higher conversion rates, and keep your clients in the loop. 

5. Appointment Scheduling & Reminders

Schedule appointments in a click and send automated appointment reminders, so your leads and clients never miss a meeting with you again. Make the most of every billable hour!

Interested to learn more about how you can implement these (and many more) features of a CRM for just $79 a month? 

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