To really compete in the new business landscape, you need to embrace change. A CRM is more than just a tool (though it is an awesome one). It represents a paradigm shift for you, your staff, and your customers. Yet thousands of businesses we speak to every year are hesitant to make the switch.

Why? –

In a word, fear. Fear of change. Fear of the unknown. Fear of learning a new system. Fear of doing it all on your own. But fear won’t help you 2x your revenue next year. Nor will fear help you stop working every night and weekend. It also won’t make your employees more efficient, your customers more satisfied, or your business more sustainable.

Don’t let fear stop you from reimagining your business with
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If you truly want to grow and scale your business, you need to rethink your paradigm. You don’t just need another piece of software, you need a partner.

Get a CRM With White Glove Setup & Support

With over 15,000 users spanning a range of industries (consulting, solar, real estate, mortgage, student lending, legal, and tons more), the Shape quickly becomes another arrow in your business’s quiver.

Why do you want a CRM that focuses so much on its customers’ success?

  • Specialized Setup – Most CRMs on the market require cumbersome setup and implementation processes. Not only must you switch your legacy systems, but you’re usually juggling client projects, staff, and personal time trying to get it all done. Taking a week off to start (and train staff on) a new system isn’t feasible. Instead opt for a CRM like Shape, which offers an entirely hands-off and customized setup process to make sure you hit the ground running.

  • More Than Customer Service – When you reach out to support teams at other CRMs, you can expect long wait times, endless back and forth emails, and frustration. The Shape team isn’t just going to help you; they’ll be your industry advisor on business best practices, techniques, and how to get the most out of the software to achieve your business goals. Shape has learned tons by working with thousands of clients in every industry, and that knowledge is passed directly to you, free of charge.

  • Easier Integrations – Maybe you’re not ready to give up some of your legacy software (or can’t). Unlike other CRMs, Shape doesn’t force you into a box that doesn’t work for you. Instead, the highly trained setup team will work to customize and add any integrations they can that you rely on to do business.

Some of Our Integrations

Apart from custom integrations you may request, Shape works out of the box with the following tools:

  • Google – Automate common tasks & extend the functionality of G Suite including Gmail, Calendar, Google Maps, & more. 

  • Outlook – The Outlook connection allows you to sync your Outlook email and calender with your Shape system automatically.

  • Stripe – Allow customers to pay through a secure portal and have all of the transactions recorded seamlessly within Shape.

  • – Allow customers to pay through a secure portal and have all of the transactions recorded seamlessly within Shape.

  • BombBomb – Connect with your prospects and clients on a more personal level through BombBomb video marketing.

  • Mailchimp – Sync your Shape contacts with Mailchimp. Use their beautiful template builder to send more vibrant email campaigns.

  • Zillow – Sync your Zillow lead capture tools and you’ll instantly import new prospects into the system without even clicking a button.

  • NMI – Allow customers to pay through a secure portal and have all of the transactions recorded seamlessly within Shape.

  • LOS Systems – Sync Shape with your LOS bi-directionally. Avoid double data entry with this handy integration tool.

  • ……And many more!

Change Your Paradigm: Move Client Admin to the Cloud

We said it before, but it bears repeating: more and more services are moving online. As younger generations start seeking out mortgages, legal services, consultants, insurance, and more, they expect not only the ability to inquire about your services online, but to also sign your forms and documents, pay invoices, text and email with you, and so much more.

As of writing this, millennials have the most spending power of any generation in America today (12). Thinking forward about which parts of your daily operations can move online to appeal to this growing prospect segment is a critical part of the paradigm shift we mentioned above.

Don’t worry, when it comes to implementing these processes with Shape, you truly have nothing to fear. Here are a few ways we can help you avoid getting left behind:

Use an Online Document Tool With E-Signature

One of the cornerstones of any good CRM is the ability to create, send, and accept online documents. In our increasingly mobile world, 40% of consumers make purchases and conduct business on their smartphones every day – and that number is only growing.

With a tool like Shape, you can create beautifully branded and secure documents, like fee agreements, RFPs, invoices, contracts, and more that can be sent and acted on by a client anywhere, in an instant.

The best part? You can even create a “digital paper trail” within each client project, so you know what was sent, when, and by which team member.

Get Paid in Minutes, Not Months

Still sending out snail mail payments? Not automating follow-ups on your outstanding invoices?  You may be part of the 63% of businesses (13) that take 30 days or more to get paid. Only 18% of clients pay their invoices within a 24-hour window, so why give them any additional reasons to blow you off?

We’ve covered in detail why automation will help a ton of other areas of your business, but possibly no other is quite as important as getting paid. Keeping your money flowing through the door promptly is absolutely critical to your sustainability.

Thankfully with a tool like Shape, you can build online invoices that clients pay in a click, send recurring bills, and even follow up automatically when an outstanding payment is past due. No need to waste dozens of hours chasing down your clients manually!

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