Docket Alarm is excited to announce new search features that make finding relevant cases easier than ever before.
Range and numerical filters allow you to search by specifying ranges of the number of parties, firms, or attorneys involved in a case. These filters function the same way as other filters by paring down results to only the most relevant.
For example, you can use a numerical range filter to find large class action lawsuits using the party number filter. Enter num_party, a colon, and a range of numbers that you want to search. For example, num_party:[10,100]returns cases with 10 to 100 parties.
In addition, you can filter search results by number of attorneys involved with num_attorneyor the number of law firms with num_firm. The query, num_firm:[2,3]will find cases with only two or three law firms involved.
For documents, you can use the num_pages filter to filter by the number of pages in a document.  This can be useful to remove results that may complicate your search efforts, such as large documents. The query num_pages:[1,10]only shows documents ten pages or less from search results. Conversely, if you are seeking large documents, the page numbers filter also makes it easy to locate them.
Ranges can be open-ended, such as num_party:[100, ] or num_pages:[ ,3], so you can search for all dockets above or below a certain value.
Any of the range and numerical filters can be combined with other queries or terms and connectors to find the most relevant cases as quickly as possible.
To learn more about how to use range and numerical filters, along with all of our other filters, read Docket Alarm’s query documentation..

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