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This week, we are joined by ⁠Joshua Broyde⁠, PhD and Principal Solutions Architect at ⁠AI21 Labs⁠. Broyde discusses AI21 Labs’ work in developing foundation models and AI systems for enterprise use, with a focus on their latest model, ⁠Jamba-Instruct⁠.
Josh explains the concept of foundation models and how they differ from traditional AI models. He highlights AI21
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Starting in January of 2023, I started a project that compiles summaries for legal tech and innovation articles and creates a daily automated podcast. The AI Lawyer Talking Tech podcast has been a lot of fun, and gets a few hundred listens each week. That’s not too bad for something that I really created as my own personal professional development
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In this episode of The Geek in Review, hosts Marlene Gebauer and Greg Lambert sit down for a one-on-one conversation to catch up on their recent vacations and discuss some of the latest developments in the legal industry. Marlene shares her experience in Hawaii, where she enjoyed beautiful beaches, a nature preserve, and delicious local cuisine with her family. Greg,
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[Note: Please welcome Laurent Wiesel, Principal at Justly Consulting. This article was originally published in LinkedIn. – GL]

Harvey AI bills its platform as providing a suite of products tailored to lawyers and law firms across all practice areas and workflows.
Harvey’s debut product video released on June 28, clocking in at 1:44, plays to a background of
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Since Greg Lambert is on vacation, we wanted to share an episode of ⁠Future Ready Business podcast⁠, which Greg also produces. ⁠Art Cavazos⁠ and ⁠Courtney White⁠ from Jackson Walker, LLP, interview ⁠Neil Chilson⁠, Head of AI Policy at the ⁠Abundance Institute⁠, and ⁠Travis Wussow⁠, regulatory and governmental affairs lawyer Partner at JW. Neil and Travis had
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This week, we have a lively discussion with June Liebert and Cornell Winston, President and President-Elect, respectively, for the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL). The conversation centers around the upcoming AALL annual conference, scheduled for July 20-23, 2024, at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago. 
June Liebert, Director of Information Services at O’Melveny & Myers LLP, kicks
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In this episode of The Geek in Review podcast, hosts Greg Lambert and Kate Boyd from Sente Advisors (standing in for Marlene Gebauer) sit down with Giles Thompson, Head of Growth, and Jun Choi, Growth Executive at Avvoka, to discuss the company’s innovative approach to document automation and the impact of generative AI on the legal industry.
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Reflections on the Stanford HAI Report on Legal AI Research Tools
The updated paper from the Stanford HAI team presents rigorous and insightful research into the performance of generative AI tools for legal research. The complexity of legal research is well-acknowledged, and this study looks into the capabilities and limitations of AI-driven legal research tools like Lexis+ AI and Westlaw
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In this episode of The Geek in Review, hosts Greg Lambert and Marlene Gebauer, along with special co-host Toby Brown of DV8 Legal Strategies, discuss the subscription-based legal services model with Mathew Kerbis, founder of Subscription Attorney, LLC, and Jack Shelton, co-founder of Aegis Space Law. The guests share their experiences and insights on adopting a subscription-based
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In this special episode of The Geek in Review, host Greg Lambert sits down with ⁠Ed Walters⁠, Chief Strategy Officer at ⁠vLex⁠, to discuss two significant announcements: the integration of vLex’s ⁠Vincent AI⁠ with ⁠iManage Work⁠ and the automated docket ingestion feature with iManage using vLex’s ⁠Docket Alarm⁠.
The integration between Vincent AI and ⁠iManage’s Insight Plus⁠
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In this impromptu episode of The Geek in Review, hosts Marlene Gebauer and Greg Lambert reconnect after being on the road for a few weeks. They discuss their recent “Love and LegalTech” mini-series, which featured eight couples sharing their experiences working in the legal technology industry. The series provided insights into communication, work-life integration, and the passion for
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In this special “Love and Legal Tech” episode of The Geek in Review podcast, host Greg Lambert sits down with Alexis Hayman, Director of Business Development at Consilio, and Jeff Niemczura, Discovery Attorney at Google, to discuss their unique journey as a couple working in the legal technology industry.
Alexis and Jeff first met in Cleveland, Ohio,
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In this episode of The Geek in Review podcast, hosts Marlene Gebauer and Greg Lambert welcome back Richard Tromans, founder of Artificial Lawyer, after his year-and-a-half sabbatical. Tromans shares his insights on the impact of generative AI on the legal industry and discusses his upcoming Legal Innovators conferences in California and London.
Tromans observes that while the legal
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In this episode of The Geek in Review podcast, hosts Marlene Gebauer and Greg Lambert welcome back Kris Satkunas, Director of Strategic Consulting at LexisNexis CounselLink, to discuss the findings of the 2024 Trends Report. The report, now in its 11th year, provides valuable insights into the legal industry, particularly focusing on hourly rates and spending patterns.
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