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Josef, an Australia-based, no-code software platform that enables legal professionals to automate common tasks, today said it has raised AU$5.2 million, or approximately $3.5 million in U.S. dollars, which it says it will use to further bolster its presence among enterprise customers. 
The company previously raised $2.5 million in 2021 and a seed round of $1 million in 2019.
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A hitherto stealth legal AI startup emerged from the shadows today with news via TechCrunch that it has raised $5 million in funding led by the startup fund of OpenAI, the company that developed advanced neural network AI systems such as GPT-3 and DALL-E 2.
The startup, called Harvey, will build on the GPT-3 technology to enable lawyers to
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Lawyers have a disparate array of technology tools and systems at their disposal – for email, documents, billing, invoicing, CRM, and much more.
The problem, however, is exactly that – that they are disparate. If a client emails the lawyer in Outlook asking for a copy of its invoice, the lawyer has to stop and think about where to find
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From : Blog Entry>>Ragav’s Blog EntryThe concept of legal chatbot brought uncharted potential into consideration and led to the Scheduling client-attorney meetings: Scheduling a client-attorney meeting is part of the regular and mandatory activity of a law firm. The legal chatbot can analyse the client’s requirement and align the attorney with the relevant expertise to offer further
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From : Blog Entry>>Ragav’s Blog EntryMatter intake process in legal firms Legal matter intake in a law firm refers to the process of initial client interaction, ensuring strong client relationships as well as help to make well-informed business decisions. It evaluates the merits of new business (matter) as well as new clients to propose further plans. The
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From : Blog Entry>>Ragav’s Blog EntryLegal firms are trying to identify ways to better manage their workflow with lawyers and associates struggling to bridge the digital gap between the legal industry and their clientele. Chatbot vendors are positioning solutions and services that cater across a wide array of services right from automating mundane tasks to narrowing down
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From : Blog Entry>>Ragav’s Blog EntryRole of Technology in the Legal Industry The legal industry has undergone a significant transformation over the last decade and will continue to grow at a significant pace. Several law firms across the world are expected to increase their annual investments in legal technology. Digital transformation is changing the face of the
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From : Blog Entry>>Ragav’s Blog EntryDocument Management – Major Issue faced by law firms The legal industry is known for its document-intensive business processes and, combined with the low levels of digitalization, has resulted in law firms facing several challenges associated with document handling. Rising client expectations to quickly create, edit, and share legal documents have culminated
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From : Blog Entry>>Ragav’s Blog EntryThe current state of customer service The COVID-19 pandemic has a sudden and significant impact on customer service leaders, where the level of customer emotion and anxiety in service calls has increased dramatically. The Coronavirus outbreak has severely impacted customer support operations worldwide, with most of the call center teams working remotely.
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Lawyers are trained to consider the negative implications of anything new. When the idea of chatbots on law firm websites first surfaced, many were concerned about the potential for malpractice liability based on poor advice from a chatbot. But giving legal advice is not something your law firm would ever want a chatbot to do.
Where a chatbot can excel
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From : Blog Entry>>Ragav’s Blog EntryFirm intelligence is the next data revolution, and organizations today to be successful must gain value from the information it has access. Businesses to achieve productivity, as well as performance enhancements, must have an intention of transformation, as developing an intelligent organization is not possible without a digital transformation plan. Firm intelligence
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