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Contract Management for real estate. The real estate sector is feeling the pressure as the market reinvents itself. Those firms that get their contract management in order will be agile and informed enough to make successful decisions. While there are no areas of the economic, social, or political spheres that have remained unaffected by the […]
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Social distancing requirements, government-mandated closures, remote work — these developments changed how we interacted with commercial real estate. Adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic took a lot of energy and focus. So much so that there hasn’t been that much time to take stock of how businesses’ relationships with the spaces they lease have changed. In […]
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This week LexisNexis announced the launch of  Survey of Commercial Lease Terms  in Practical Guidance — a unique analytics resource for real estate practitioners. In October I covered the launch of Practical Guidance Market Standards for M & A.
Daniel Lewis, VP and GM of Practical Guidance and Analytic at LexisNexis provided me with a preview of the
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As the global pandemic has forced lawyers and clients into working from home, many law firms have realized that standard ways of closing deals and signing documents are no longer viable.
That point was driven home recently when Dentons, the world’s largest law firm, said that its U.S. real estate practice would now use the cloud platform Litera Transact
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The transition to technology-intensive methodologies and processes drives efficiency, increases productivity, and escalates your digital presence.The real estate industry is no exception to the technological disruptions caused by constantly evolving business practices and innovations. Traditional methods of conducting business are increasingly falling out of favor due to their inherent inefficiencies that restrict growth and limit success.To gain that much needed
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