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It was just over a year ago that I wrote about the launch of Tangibly, the first platform devoted to helping companies systematically identify and catalog their trade secrets.
Now, Tangibly is introducing Patent X-Ray, a tool powered by large language model artificial intelligence to help companies identify possibly undocumented trade secrets from their own patents.
The tool,
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In this episode of our video series How It Works, we get a demonstration of Prokurio, whose mission is to make it radically easier for businesses to take control of their intellectual property spending.
Prokurio’s SaaS platform helps companies uncover and eliminate hundreds of thousands of dollars in excessive IP costs and automates complex and time-consuming financial planning and
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Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S.  is announcing the relaunch of Kluwer IP Law, the master resource for intellectual property rights and registration. The new user experience is designed to maximized  efficient workflow. The new interface allows  users to save their favorite resources and will offer a News Alert service. Kluwer IP Law is Wolters Kluwer’s flagship service focused
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In the latest installment in our continuing video series How It Works, we get a demonstration of ImageRights for Law Firms, a recently launched technology that enables attorneys to directly track use of their own clients’ copyrighted works and then compile and assess any resulting infringement claims through the ImageRights’ cloud-based platform.
With automated evidence gathering, including time-stamped screenshots with
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ImageRights International, a company whose technology has helped visual artists protect their copyrights since 2009, is now entering the legal tech market with its launch today of ImageRights for Law Firms, a platform designed to help law firms and corporate legal departments directly protect their clients’ copyrighted photographs, illustrations, digital art and other visual works.
The company announced
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Tomorrow  Feit Consulting  will be  releasing  a study “Patent Research: The Importance of Precision a Comparison of Docket Navigator and Lex Machina Data Searches” examining the comparative performance of Docket Navigator and Lex Machina  two of the leading patent research and analytics platforms. The study was paid for by Docket Navigator. According to Feit, they invited Lex Machina
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Docket Navigator  the patent litigation intelligence platform has just added some powerful new law firm case outcome analytics. Docket Navigator which has been around since 2008, offers editorially curated data on courts and  intellectual property cases. The recently launched an interactive law firm ranking feature  allows law firms and in house counsel to take a deep dive into law
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If you have been watching the robust marketplace for patent practice products you will surely wonder “Could anyone come up with a new idea for a patent product?”  Well yes. has focused on a very narrow area of patent law where there has been no coverage… and they own the space…….. has  identified a “niche of need” helping
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Docket Alarm Expands Coverage With Data From PAIRDocket Alarm has expanded its coverage to U.S. Patent Application prosecution history from the Patent Application Information Retrieval (PAIR) system and all of the underlying documents.The Docket Alarm team will be showcasing the PAIR addition at the upcoming AIPLA 2019 Annual Meeting on October 24-26th in Washington, D.C.“If a patent gets enforced, the action
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Docket Alarm’s latest article, Gender Analytics: Using Litigation Data to Evaluate Law Firm Diversity, explores how legal analytics can be used to conduct an in depth analysis of gender imbalances at law firms. By analyzing the gender of attorney appearances, Docket Alarm’s analytics use litigation data to identify firms that are making a real commitment to gender diversity.Read the full
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