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Practical Law The Journal, long a quarterly magazine published in print by the Practical Law division of Thomson Reuters, has moved online as of today, where it will now be published monthly as part of Reuters legal news.
At its new web location within the website of Reuters, the news and media division of Thomson Reuters, the magazine is free
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Since starting my LawNext podcast in 2018, I have had the great fortune of sitting down almost every week for conversations with the “innovators and entrepreneurs who are driving what’s next in law.” While I enjoy each and every conversation, the numbers of listens reveal something about which topics and guests you, the listeners, found most interesting. 
I have two
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Every year since 2010, I have compiled a list of my most-popular posts. In some years, there has seemed to be a theme across the most-read posts. But this year, they seem to span the gamut of topics I cover, from analytics to artificial intelligence, from legal ethics to legal research, from new companies starting up to established companies shutting
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What with COVID, the economy and the day-to-challenges of practicing law and managing a firm, it’s been a tough three years. Yet despite it all, smaller law firms have a bullish outlook on their future prospects — and with good reason.
So says the 2022 State of U.S. Small Law Firms survey conducted by Thomson Reuters, in collaboration with the
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Small US law firms are increasingly optimistic about their growth outlook, according to the 2022 Report on the State of U.S. Small Law Firms from Thomson Reuters, however the majority still rate …
Small US law firms still rate time spent on admin as number one challenge  Read More »
The post Small US law firms still rate time spent on admin
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The folks at Helm360 have been putting their knowledge as a full-service IT company to another use of late, developing products that build on their experience implementing technology solutions for  legal and professional services firms. 
I wrote about one of these products in May, Termi, an AI-enabled chatbot that aims to solve the problems of slow tech adoption and
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Just four years after launching Westlaw Edge as its next-generation legal research platform, Thomson Reuters today unveiled the next-next generation. It is called Westlaw Precision and, as the name suggests, its focus is on delivering research results that are more precise than ever before, and delivering them with greater speed than ever before.
What does TR mean by more precise?
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Today Thomson Reuters is announcing the release of a new platform Westlaw Precision which promises to dramatically cut research time and improve the quality of research results. Westlaw Precision will be sold as an upgrade to Westlaw Edge. Westlaw Precision is tackling the gnarly and perennial problem of language ambiguity by doubling down on taxonomy. At launch, Westlaw Precision covers
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