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Thomson Reuters has begun the international expansion of its generative AI assistant CoCounsel Core, beginning with Canada and Australia, as it focuses on expanding CoCounsel’s availability in English-speaking countries.   TR […]
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With two new generative AI-powered features in Practical Law called Ask Practical Law AI and Practical Law Clause Finder, along with the expansion of CoCounsel Core internationally, Thomson Reuters is moving forward with its generative AI plans.
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In November, when Thomson Reuters announced the integration of generative AI within its flagship legal research platform Westlaw Precision, it also announced the beta version of a generative AI integration within Practical Law.
Today, Thomson Reuters is formally releasing that generative AI feature in Practical Law, called Ask Practical Law AI, and also releasing a second AI-driven Practical Law tool,
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Call me lucky. Every week, I get to sit down at the mic for my LawNext podcast and have a conversation with the leading “innovators and entrepreneurs who are driving what’s next in law.”
For me, each and every one of these conversations is fun and fascinating. But I am equally fascinated to add up the numbers at the end of
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“We’re going to be working with [Thomson Reuters] on a whole suite of AI-powered tools,” said chief knowledge and management and practice services officer Colleen Nihill. “Because of Morgan Lewis’ depth and breadth across multiple geographies, I think they saw us as being well suited to all different use cases.”
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Many more jury trials will be required if judges must refrain from deciding whether the purpose of a generative AI system’s use of copyrighted material to learn language patterns is to produce a new product or to replicate the creative expression of the copyrighted material, according to Sushila Chanana and Vanessa K. Ing of Farella Braun + Martel.
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Today Casetext announced that a new feature called Timeline is available in CoCounsel. Timeline makes it easy to assemble “clear, comprehensive, and accurate chronologies” from large volumes of documents by using AI to extract events and arrange them into a chronological series. Timeline enables attorneys to manipulate the results through filtering, editing and focusing.

Time Saving with Timeline

According to the
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Once upon a time, in a magical city called San Francisco, three former lawyers came together to develop an innovative legal research platform, as an alternative to traditional legal research services such as Thomson Reuters Westlaw and LexisNexis. They called their new company Casetext. 

Their original idea was to create a free, comprehensive library of primary legal research materials, supplemented
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Here is my recent Daily Record column. My past Daily Record articles can be accessed here.
Thomson Reuters’ AI Debut Signals a New Era of Widespread AI Integration in Legaltech
Have you been tracking the explosive rate of generative artificial intelligence (AI) innovation? If not, you’re at the risk of being left behind. Innovation and investment in this space
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Thomson Reuters announced several new generative artificial intelligence tools and platforms earlier this week. I had the privilege of attending a press briefing hosted by Thomson Reuters in advance of the announcement. Thomson Reuters personnel discussed the new products and offerings and allowed several of us to try them out. The presentations and products were impressive.

Several articles review these
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Thomson Reuters today delivered on its promise to integrate generative AI within its flagship legal research platform, introducing AI Assisted Research in Westlaw Precision, available immediately to all U.S. Precision customers at no extra cost.
It also previewed its coming integration of Casetext CoCounsel as an AI legal assistant across multiple TR products, including Westlaw Precision, Practical Law, Document Intelligence,
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Yesterday I attended a press event hosted by Thomson Reuters where they announced an demoed a  suite  of four GenAI products and initiatives. Only three months after completing the acquisition of Casetext they are launching a suite of tools which are driven by the integration of Casetext and CoCounsel technologies with TRs legacy AI infrastructure.

Standing on the Doorstep of
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