Reveal’s acquisition of e-discovery providers Logikcull and IPRO is dividing the industry between those excited about a one-stop-shop and more curated offerings, and those worried about the future of IPRO’s and Logikcull’s solutions.
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Update: A Reveal spokesperson has now confirmed that the number of employees who have been laid off is 79. Although a WARN Act notice filed in Arizona stated a higher number, Reveal said that was a clerical error and will be corrected.
Yesterday, I reported here on the acquisition by global e-discovery company Reveal of two other leading e-discovery companies,
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Fast-growing Chicago-headquartered eDiscovery vendor Reveal has acquired both Logikcull and IPRO, two other leading eDiscovery players, in transactions said to be worth over $1bn. The acquisitions were funded by Reveal’s …
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The post Breaking news: Reveal acquires Logikcull and IPRO in transactions valued at
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The e-discovery landscape will be needing a new map after the global e-discovery company Reveal said today that it has acquired two other leading e-discovery companies, Logikcull and IPRO.
The combination of the three companies, Reveal said, will create the first end-to-end e-discovery platform that addresses matters of all sizes and for all legal teams, from solo legal practitioners
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This week brought the annual Legalweek show to New York, one of the world’s largest and most prominent legal technology conferences. Traditionally a place where major legal tech companies announce new products and features, this year was no different, save for slew of GPT-related announcements. As has been the case for several years, e-discovery and contract-management companies dominated the news
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“Leveraging the influence of the human-centered AI that Reveal incorporated into the platform is what is going to, I think, make FTI one of the clear leaders in the transformation of the market,” said Wendell Jisa, founder and CEO of Reveal. He also called Reveal’s expanded partnership with FTI is just one example of Reveal Academy at work.
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Acquisitive Chicago-headquartered eDiscovery provider Reveal-Brainspace announced today (20 March) that it is acquiring LIGL, a cloud-based digital evidence and lifecycle management platform. The purchase of LIGL will allow Reveal, which …
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