Earlier this year I wrote a post about Pre/Dicta a new legal analytics product which “breaks all the rules” followed in the legal analytics market. Today Pre/Dicta announced the availability of predictions for new motion types, a new dashboard and additional interactive features. Unlike other analytics products which focuses on “the law.” Pre/Dicta focuses on profiling judges personal characteristics in
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Pre/Dicta, a litigation analytics platform that predicts how federal court judges will rule, is expanding to cover new motion types and also to predict litigation timelines.
Until now, the product, which launched in July 2022, covered only motions to dismiss, claiming to predict how a judge will rule with an accuracy rate of 85%.
Now, the product is
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Pre/Dicta’s litigation prediction software helps litigators to understand judicial behaviour and predicts how judges will rule. Launched in 2022, the Maryland, United States-headquartered startup acquired Gavelytics at the start of …
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Pre/Dicta has profiled 750 federal judges and built an algorithm that can predict how each judge will rule on a motion to dismiss based on the cause of action, the characteristics of the parties and the attorneys. It runs this prediction based on one piece of data – the docket number!

It does not read the complaint, it does not
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Earlier this week, I reported here that the litigation analytics company Gavelytics, which shut down operations in June, has been acquired by a relative newcomer to the legal analytics space, Pre/Dicta, which launched its product in July after two years of development.
Yesterday, I met via Zoom with the CEOs of the two companies, Dan Rabinowitz of Pre/Dicta and
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I always believed that Gavelytics was too good a product to disappear. I reported last summer that the pioneering state litigation analytics company was shutting down. Today’s  press release reports that Gavelytics will live again as the core of  Pre/Dicta‘s state court predictive litigation component. This transformation will fulfill founder Rick Merrill’s dream: “Pre/Dicta created what I always
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Last June, the seven-year-old litigation analytics company Gavelytics shut down, seemingly overnight, with founder and CEO Rick Merrill announcing the news by an email on June 29 that he “recently made the difficult decision to close Gavelytics effective June 30,” as I reported at the time
Now, Gavelytics is rising from the ashes, in a sense, with the announcement
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Pre/Dicta, which makes predictions about the outcome of federal lawsuits, today (11 January) announced that it has acquired defunct state judicial analytics platform Gavelytics, which shut shop in June last …
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Every year since 2010, I have compiled a list of my most-popular posts. In some years, there has seemed to be a theme across the most-read posts. But this year, they seem to span the gamut of topics I cover, from analytics to artificial intelligence, from legal ethics to legal research, from new companies starting up to established companies shutting
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I am a big fan of litigation analytics, even once suggesting that it could be malpractice for a litigator not to use the technology.
There are a number of litigation analytics products on the market, and what they all have in common is that they extract data from court dockets and apply analytics to provide insights into how judges rule
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