Once upon a time, in a magical city called San Francisco, three former lawyers came together to develop an innovative legal research platform, as an alternative to traditional legal research services such as Thomson Reuters Westlaw and LexisNexis. They called their new company Casetext. 

Their original idea was to create a free, comprehensive library of primary legal research materials, supplemented
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Having conducted trials or proof of concepts with five generative AI vendors in the drafting, review, legal review and productivity space – as we first revealed in June this year …
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As the 2024 budget planning season ramps up, we all look to both internal and external intelligence to support renewal, cancellation and acquisition decisions.

In August many of my readers participated in the annual Start/Stop survey which was open during the month of August 2023. I partnered with Harbor to conduct the survey and present the results On Thursday, September
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It has been the legal story of the summer. In June, Thomson Reuters announced that it had signed an agreement to acquire the legal research and AI company Casetext for a jaw-dropping $650 million.
The deal, it said at the time, was subject to regulatory approvals and customary closing conditions and was expected to close in the second half of
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In October 2020, legal industry veterans Joe Borstein and Paul Stroka set out to change the legal tech sales paradigm by founding LexFusion as a go-to-market representative of a curated collection of companies across major categories of legal technology. As the company nears its third anniversary, Borstein joins me on the LawNext podcast to reflect on its successes and failures
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We have a packed program for today’s Legaltech Week, live at 3 p.m. ET, with a guest speaker and then our deep dive into the Casetext acquisition news.
To kick off the show, we’ll be joined by Paul Garibian, CEO of Nota, to talk about his company’s first-of-its-kind relationship with The Florida Bar, announced Monday, to
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Thomson Reuters’  deal to purchase  Casetext has driven the legal tech hype cycle to a fever pitch. Don’t get me wrong. I am a big fan of Casetext. I have been an admirer for over a decade. More than once, I have watched them not just beat the market, but redirect the market and invent whole new categories of legal research products.
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Yesterday afternoon, I had the chance to sit down for about 20 minutes via Zoom with Jake Heller, the founder and CEO of Casetext, to discuss his company’s acquisition by Thomson Reuters in a $650 million cash deal. 
What follows is a transcript of our conversation, which I have condensed and edited very slightly for style and continuity. 
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Compared to Thomson Reuters, Casetext is a relatively small company with relatively minimal revenue, and one that effectively refocused its product strategy over the past year, launching its generative AI product CoCounsel just four months ago.
So why did TR shell out a record $650 million in cash to acquire Casetext? That was the question on the minds of
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In the oddest of “odd couplings” Casetext which just celebrated their 10th anniversary is being acquired by Thomson Reuters. for more than $650M. Congrats to Casetext Co-Founders Jake Heller, Pablo Arredondo and Laura Safdie.

Here is the press release from Thomson Reuters.

TORONTO, June 26, 2023 –Thomson Reuters Corporation (“Thomson Reuters”) (NYSE / TSX: TRI), a global content and technology company,
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