As law firms face pressure to head into mediation earlier and earlier, junior associates feel the need to hit the ground running quicker than ever before. The new AltaClaro training series is hoping to speed up the process with real-life litigation simulations.
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Orrick will once again offer AltaClaro’s prompt engineering and generative AI training at the beginning of its summer associate program, culminating in a summer “AI Day” full of generative AI-related activities designed to educate the next generation of lawyers.
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Call me lucky. Every week, I get to sit down at the mic for my LawNext podcast and have a conversation with the leading “innovators and entrepreneurs who are driving what’s next in law.”
For me, each and every one of these conversations is fun and fascinating. But I am equally fascinated to add up the numbers at the end of
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Training of associates. Everyone agrees it’s critical. But all too often, it’s left to happenstance. As I have discussed before, happenstance training often penalizes women and people of color. Older white partners gravitate toward younger versions of themselves when making assignments that serve as training.

Even beyond that, a “luck of the draw” training approach is pretty dumb, given
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“Training and the development of the next generation is absolutely fundamental for profitability, for growth, for strategy, for everything,” Keith Heddle, managing director of Mackrell International, told Legaltech News.
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