* White House Counsel Stuart Delery is leaving the job next month. Where will the revolving door land? Probably Gibson Dunn. [Law360]

* State judge blocks Texas law that barred Houston — and only Houston — from running its local elections after the city started electing Black women. [AP]

* NY Times mulls suing OpenAI to prevent GPT from learning how to compose whataboutism takes that put David Brooks out of a job. [NPR]

* We knew Thomson Reuters planned to buy Casetext for $650 million. It’s now official. [Legaltech News]

* Yes, you can lose your job for posting about committing vehicular manslaughter against Black people. [Reuters]

* Supreme Court could improve its legitimacy by hewing closer to rigorous policy analysis. They can’t even do rigorous historical analysis, how are they supposed to do rigorous policy analysis? [Milken Institute Review]

* Before getting indicted for joining criminal coup-spiracy, Ken Chesebro was a Larry Tribe research assistant. [ABA Journal]

* EEOC considers renewing race and gender pay reports. Raising concerns about litigation from anti-affirmative action forces who are so sure that discrimination doesn’t exist that they don’t want anyone checking their work. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Fired attorney calls cops on partner. [Roll on Friday]

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