* Supreme Court will delve into whether lawmakers can probe Trump’s hotel deal with the government. We’ll see how Harlan Crow weighs in on this. [Politico]

* It’s becoming a mantra but, “Disney’s lawyers are smarter than Ron DeSantis’s lawyers.” [New York Times]

* Legislators press Navy to move faster on Camp Lejeune claims… so we know they’ve been watching late-night TV too. [Bloomberg Law News]

* On the one hand, sleeping with your client while repping her in a divorce is an ethical violation, it did create a new ground for divorce so… getting closer to the finish line! [Law.com]

* Chief legal officers are getting more compensation in the form of bonuses… which just so happens to consistently favor male attorneys because it’s all a game of discriminatory whack-a-mole. [Corporate Counsel]

* Federal Circuit tussle over Judge Pauline Newman’s competency continues, with a special committee asking the judge to respond to a request that she undergo psych evaluations. Imagine if the courts dealt with, I don’t know, taking hundreds of thousands in donor gifts and under-the-table compensation with the same alacrity. [Law360]

* Holograms testifying at trial? It’s like living in the future but just with the frivolous parts. [Reuters]

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