* John Durham publishes report ripping all the wrongdoing that he could never substantiate during all the years taxpayers paid him to investigate. It’s the legal equivalent of “look, I know she was into me… no I never asked her out, but I stalked her for awhile and I’m positive she’d have totally been into me if I had.” In other words, the perfect document for the Fox audience. [Law360]

* Biglaw attorneys have taken to TikTok and their employers are worried about their online personas. Take the moral panic Biglaw had over the internet, and then Facebook, and then Twitter, and just insert it here. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Wells Fargo puts up a billion dollars to settle shareholder complaints that the bank misled them over its compliance with the orders entered after the last time the bank misled them. [Reuters]

* Law firms are leasing office space again. So much for using the lessons of the pandemic to cut overhead and maybe give clients a break. [American Lawyer]

* Ukraine’s top Supreme Court justice accused of taking massive bribe. Has Harlan Crow ever been to Kyiv? [Radio Free Europe]

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