Last week, I posted on the culture at Casepoint and about its legal hold product. Coincidentally, Casepoint today announced a significant new tool that reinforces my view that it is one of the most client focused legal tech vendor out there

The new Casepoint product is called ChatViewer. According to Casepoint, ChatViewer is product upgrade that significantly eases the review process for chat messages, including those from cell phone conversation apps and enterprise collaboration tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams. Using ChatViewer, legal professionals can view, search, sort, and manage chat data more easily than ever — allowing them to reduce review time and discovery-related costs.

I think this is an important new tool. Mobile data poses lots of headaches and challenges for eDiscovery and legal professionals and is exploding in volume and complexity. It’s hard to manage, interpret and more importantly, sort. According to Amit Dungarani, VP Partnerships and Strategic Initiatives at Casepoint, the ChatViewer tool will do such things as isolate text messages by date range or by person. It will show things like emojis along with many other thing. Importantly, according to Dungarani, it will allow legal professionals to work with chats much like they do with PDFs.

I have heard time and time again how chat data can be bedeviling to those dealing with eDiscovery. It’s time consuming and exhausting to scroll thru text after text after text searching for relevant material. And it’s only going to get worse as the volume inevitably expands. The folks at Casepoint saw this pain point and came up with a tool to make the process easier and the results better. I will offer more info on ChatViewer in the near future. But for now Kudos to Casepoint.