* Regulators tell Elon Musk that he can’t start putting chips in people’s brains. GAH! Kill a monkey (or 1500) and suddenly the bureaucrats in Washington won’t let you do anything anymore. [Reuters]

* “Murdaugh Committed Murders As Career Spiraled” should be every attorney’s defense to a rough month… “I know I just considered taking my book of business to Jones Day, but I could’ve done a double murder.” [Law360]

* Biden administration plans to shift the liability for hacks to software manufacturers. This policy seems stupid but at least the president is trying to address the harms of massive data breaches instead of having public fever dreams about drag story time. America is broken. [Bloomberg Law News]

* After securing abortion restrictions, the new right-wing legal mission is advocating for strict voting restrictions. [ProPublica]

* Legal technology made the national news! Our coverage was better. [MSNBC]

* Let the battle for AI supremacy in Biglaw begin! [Legaltech News]

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