In-The-NewsA new episode of the In the News podcast is now available, and this is a special one.  If you are a regular listener/viewer, I think you are going to really enjoy this one.  If you haven’t listened much in the past, this is an especially good episode for you to check out.

Why do I say this?  Brett and I normally end every episode of the podcast with an “In the Know” segment, in which we each recommend one tip.  Sometimes, that is the best part of the episode.  This week, the entire episode is one big “In the Know” segment, full of recommended products, apps, services, etc. that relate to the topic of travel.  Whether you are preparing to travel for work or for pleasure, domestic or international, by plane or by car, there is something for you in this episode. 

If you are like me, you typically listen to the audio versions of podcasts, only looking at the video every once in a while.  However, this is an episode for which it is worth checking out the video because Brett Burney did a fantastic job of creating an enhanced video version of this episode.  And whether you listen to the audio or watch the video, Brett also prepared a PDF file containing the slides that appear in the video—an interactive PDF file, so you can click on the buttons to get more information about the products that we describe.  Of course, you can also look at the podcast show notes for lots of links.  (A big thank you to Brett for all of the extra behind-the-scenes work on this episode.)

I hope that you enjoy this episode as much as Brett and I did when we recorded it!

Click here to listen to the audio podcast, or just use your podcast player of choice.  You can also watch the episode on YouTube: