TrialPadIf you are a litigator who uses an iPad, you probably already know about the powerful litigation apps from Lit Software: TrialPad, TranscriptPad, DocReviewPad, and ExhibitsPad.  I use Lit Software’s apps in my own practice, and I know that many other attorneys do so as well.  For example, if you want to present evidence a trial, it is incredibly easy to do so using TrialPad on an iPad, and the end result looks incredibly professional.  And TranscriptPad is by far my favorite way to review a deposition transcript.  Thanks to some changes in the software that Apple provides for app developers, it is now possible for a developer to create an app that will work on multiple Apple platforms—iPad, iPhone, Mac, Apple TV, etc.  Lit Software has taken advantage of this technology to bring its popular iPad apps to the Mac.

I announced this upcoming expansion to the Mac last year, and we are now very close to the apps coming out of beta.  In fact, we are now so close that Lit Software is ready to do a public demonstration of how the new Mac apps will work.  The webinar will take place this Thursday, July 14th, at 11 Pacific / 2 Eastern.  The presenter will be Tara Cheever, co-founder of Lit Software, and the event will be hosted by Tom Lambotte of GlobalMac IT, who has been helping lawyers make better use of Macs in a law practice for longer than I can remember.  You can sign up and get more information on this free webinar by clicking here.

When I started at my law firm in 1994, we were one of the few large law firms in the country using exclusively Macs. For various reasons, we had to switch to PCs about 20 years ago, but I know that a large (and, I suspect, growing) number of attorneys use Macs in their law practice.  Now that the Lit Software apps are coming to the Mac, I find myself even more jealous of attorneys who can use a Mac instead of a PC in their law practice.