In-The-NewsThe latest episode of the In the News podcast is available, and it is all about WWDC.  In fact, there was so much announced by Apple this week that we ran out of time before we could get to all of it, so we’ll have to save some items, like the Apple Watch announcements, until next week.  In this episode, Brett and I discuss the interesting way in which Apple handled the WWDC keynote address on its campus, the new hardware announcements, and what the next version of the Mac operating system means for iPad and iPhone users.  Next, we talk about the key new features coming in iOS 16 and iPadOS 16.  We also address Apple’s announcement on Passkeys—part of a future in which we move away from passwords thanks to the FIDO Alliance, which, as everyone knows (ahem), stands for “Fast IDentity Online.”  We also discuss interesting direction that CarPlay is going.

In our In the Know segment, Brett and I provide our big picture perspectives on what we take from all of the Apple announcements this week.

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