If you are interesting in listening to or watching a podcast during what is a three-day weekend here in the United States, I recommend that you check out this week’s episode of the In the News podcast, Brett Burney and I start by discussing something about Apple that we like (Apple’s efforts to protect user privacy) and something that we don’t like (the paltry 5GB in the free tier of iCloud storage).  Next, we look ahead to what Apple may have in store for the iPod operating system and possible new hardware in the HomePod line.  We finish up with some additional topics including AirTags success stories and changes to Google Street View.

In our In the Know segment, we both share tips for using an Apple Pencil with an iPad. Brett discusses the double-tap feature on the second generation Apple Pencil. I discuss using an iPad as a digital white board so that you can write things as they are mirrored to a TV.

Click here to listen to the audio podcast, or just use your podcast player of choice.  You can also watch the episode on YouTube: