9577D4A1-DE53-4449-B8FC-7674C011BE30California attorney David Sparks publishes the MacSparky website.  That site features a long-running series of posts in which David asks different people to share what their home screens look like and describe some of their favorite apps.  I first shared my home screen on MacSparky back in 2013, but obviously, a lot has changed since then.  Thus, David asked me to share an update on what I am now doing with my iPad and iPhone home screens. 

The biggest recent change that I made to my home screen was to start using widgets instead of icons, turning each home screen into more of a dashboard.  Indeed, my iPad home screen is now all widgets:


Check out the new post on MacSparky for all of the details on what I am doing with my iPad and iPhone home screens and why I am doing so.  If you are not currently using widgets on your iPad or iPhone home screen, you should consider doing so.  For me, it has been a major improvement.