In all my years of covering legal tech, a question I’ve never had to confront is how to — or even whether to — cover my competitors. But now that I have launched a business of my own, the LawNext Legal Technology Directory, that is the awkward question I faced as Nicola Shaver, CEO and cofounder of LegalTech Hub, gave me a heads-up on some notable news.

The answer, of course, is to cover it, just as I would cover any other legal tech news.

The news is that LegalTech Hub has acquired LegalTech Jobs, a site for posting job openings in legal technology, and will incorporate it into its directory. As of this morning, the jobs site has already been reskinned with LegalTech Hub’s branding. 

Founded as a side project in 2020 by Belgium innovation consultant Daan Vansimpsen, LegalTech Jobs lists career opportunities in legal technology. Prior to the acquisition, employers could post jobs for free or purchase preferred listings. 

Now, vendors that purchase enhanced profiles on LegalTech Hub will be able to post unlimited job openings on LegalTech Jobs, Shaver said. Other employers will be able to post for free for a limited time, after which they will be charged an as-yet unspecified fee to post.

Shaver said that LegalTech Hub and LegalTech Jobs had been working together since 2020 and that, after relaunching her site in March, “it made sense to join forces with the largest legal tech jobs site to become the destination for everyone who is serious about Legaltech.”

“We are proud to have collaborated with Daan and to be incorporating his fantastic resource,” Shaver said. “We look forward to working with Daan in an advisory role as he pursues his career as a digital transformation strategist.”

Shaver launched LegalTech Hub in October 2020. Earlier this year, Jeroen Plink, former CEO of Clifford Chance Applied Solutions and earlier of Practical Law U.S., joined the company as cofounder and chief operating officer.