In a post here last month, The Lawyers of Substack, I wrote about lawyers who are publishing newsletters  on Substack, a platform that has drawn big-name writers for its model that makes it easy to publish and monetize newsletters.

One of the lawyers I wrote about is David Lat, who is well known as the founder of Above the Law, probably the most highly trafficked legal blog in the wrold, and, before that, author of the anonymous blog Underneath Their Robes, and who has now launched Original Jurisdiction on Substack.

“As someone who gained near-celebrity status in the legal world through blogging, Lat’s choice of Substack for his return to full-time writing may seem surprising,” I wrote in that post last month.

So what does Lat say about all this? Recently, I interviewed him about his move to Substack for the LexBlog podcast, This Week in Legal Blogging. As you’ll hear in the interview, he sees Substack and blogging as not all that different from each other.