Last week, we tried an experiment — a live video panel of leading legaltech journalists coming together for an open, roundtable discussion of the week in review.

The experiment worked well in that we had a fairly robust discussion of the week’s top legaltech stories in front of a live webinar audience.

It would have even been better if someone who shall go unnamed had remembered to turn on the record button, since the idea was to later distribute it as a podcast.

Well, we’re going to try it again. This Friday, May 15, at 3 p.m. ET. You are all welcome to join us, but you need to register in advance.

Register here.

The panel line-up will be the same this week as it was last week. Joining me will be:

We’ll broadcast it as a Zoom webinar. There is no cost to attend. You won’t be able to participate directly as a speaker, but you will be able to ask questions through the Q&A feature.