Our weekly Legaltech Week journalist roundtable, rounding up the top legaltech news, kicks off this time with news that one of our panelists was a contestant on Cash Cab. And if you don’t know what that is, then you’ll have to listen to the episode.

Joining host Bob Ambrogi this week are Nicole Black, legal technology columnist and legaltech evangelist at MyCase; Caroline Hill, editor in chief, Legal IT InsiderMolly McDonough, media consultant, former publisher and editor-in-chief of the ABA JournalJoe Patrice, editor, Above the Law; and Zach Warren, editor-in-chief, Legaltech News.

Among the other stories the panelists discuss: How the ubiquity of mobile-phone cameras is changing criminal law and justice, the First Amendment implications of President Trump’s Twitter crackdown, lessons learned from the first Zoom trial in Texas, a U.K. firm’s selection of Oracle for its practice management platform, and another practice management platform’s new lead-ranking tool.

Listen to the podcast:

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