I noted last week the launch of the LawSites Resource Center, a library of downloadable content such as ebooks, white papers, case studies and more from experts and vendors in the legal industry. Each week, we’ll highlight one of the library’s resources.

This week’s featured resource: The Ultimate Guide to Corporate Legal Case Management Software.

Description: In this guide to corporate legal case management software, we’ll provide the ultimate know-how for choosing a platform that best meets your needs and the benefits your office stands to gain.

Topics covered:

  • How legal case management software can help you and your department.
  • How to choose the right case management software.
  • Tips and tricks for implementing your new legal software.

Publisher: LegalFiles.

[Resources listed on the LawSites Resource Center are a form of advertising for the companies that provide them. Each time you download a resource, this blog makes a little money.]