In Australia, as elsewhere, COVID-19 is creating a surge in the demand for legal help, especially among low-income individuals, as people face job losses, evictions, bankruptcy, domestic violence, and end-of-life issues. Further complicating the situation there is that parts of the country are still recovering from the bush fires that only recently were extinguished.

With face-to-face legal help not possible, technology is a critical tool and effective tool in meeting the demand for help, as Justice Connect, an Australian legal services charitable organization, is demonstrating. In recent years, it has developed a number of innovative tools to help people get legal help and understand their legal rights.

Our guest this week is Kate Fazio, head of innovation and engagement at Justice Connect. A former corporate lawyer, she leads the organization’s development of online and technology tools to increase access to justice and legal empowerment.

In addition to its COVID-19 resource center, Justice Connect’s technology includes an online intake and referral tool, a cloud-based case management system, a Pro Bono Portal matter distribution system that they are working to expand globally, and the newly launched Justice Connect Answers, which allows people to ask discrete legal questions and receive quick, confidential answers from attorneys.


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