What’s Fixed

Jurisdiction and Sources. Choosing jurisdiction(s) is a bit simpler: After filtering, the app now shows only the most-relevant sources. We’ve also made a few other small cosmetic changes.

Facet Pane persistent closure. After you close the Facet Pane, the app will now remember that choice until the session ends.

Hein Journals. Lists were out of order, but now they’re propery alphabetical.

Browse Scrolling. More-easily get to the bottom of the page.


What’s Changed


UI Polish. Turned hovered-over icons orange, eliminated glowing borders, changed to more-accuate download icon, changed the Jurisdiction Selector’s Reset button to gray, standardized the default behavior.

Alerts. Each alert will now be a separate e-mail. (Granularity-lovers rejoice!) And now you can send a single alert to multiple recipients. When adding recipients, remember: With great power comes great responsibility.