What’s Fixed


Facet fixes. We improved Facets (left-side filters), fixing where they sometimes collapsed after selection, showed multiple checkboxes, and other minor bugs — which now should be squashed.


Keyword Highlighting. We fixed an issue where the wrong terms were showing up when you pulled a historical or saved search.


What’s Changed


Jurisdiction and sources picker. You’ve spoken, and we’ve listened. A larger, more-intuitive screen now permits faster jurisdiction/source selections.
– Simply click a state to browse and select that state’s federal/state/secondary options.
– Or type a source keyword (e.g., “Bankruptcy”) to see all jurisdictions/sources containing that keyword.
– Or on the right side, simply browse to find the jurisdictions/sources you need.


Search box expands to multiple lines. Are you a power user who creates complex queries — going beyond the Search Box? You’re in luck! Now, long query string span to multiple lines, allowing you to see the entire query. Complexity simplified!

Each Current Source fits on a single line. Before, each Current Source would be nested — where each Current Source took up multiple lines. We’ve now saved some space, so each Current Source takes up only a single line. That saves screen real estate, and it lets you to see more Current Sources without scrolling.