With Legalweek starting tomorrow, MaxVal, a Silicon Valley-based intellectual property software company, is today announcing the release of a major update of its IP management system.

Symphony 3.6 is “an innovative leap forward” for the product, the company says, providing new analytics, intelligence, reporting, and automation features.

The new release introduces the Analytical Insights Module, an advanced reporting engine capable of integrating data from different sources to provide complex, powerful analytics.

The Symphony dashboard.

Built using Salesforce’s Lightning platform and Einstein Analytics, the Analytical Insights Module simplifies the aggregation of disparate patent, financial and other external data to produce IP data stories using dynamic data visualization and other advanced analytics, the company says.

The information is designed to enable patent counsel to take informed follow-up actions across portfolio and prosecution attributes not previously available to them.

The new Prosecution Analytics.

Today’s release also introduces Prosecution Analytics, a feature designed to allow patent attorneys to analyze patent examiners’ prosecution behavior and manage prosecution strategy on a case-by-case basis. The goal is to give in-house attorneys more-granular data to help in making decisions about patent prosecution and beyond.

A unique feature of Prosecution Analytics, the company says, is the ability to combine specific, private information about the patent application with external data to optimize outcomes.

The CEO of MaxVal, D. Bommi Bommannan, said these new features will enhance customers’ ability to visualize their data and make data-driven decisions.

“Symphony 3.6 includes state-of-the-art intellectual property analytics and technology,” he said. “This powerful combination will benefit our in-house customers and their outside counsel.”

For anyone attending Legalweek, MaxVal executives will be in New York demonstrating the new technology. To request a live or online demo, email bd@maxval.com.