Litigation analytics is a rapidly growing area of legal technology, promising lawyers valuable insights into courts, judges, opposing counsel and parties. But these products are not created equal. Their results can vary widely depending on the sources and quality of data they use and the types of analytics they provide.

I wrote about this last November, in a post, Legal Analytics Products Deliver Widely Divergent Results, Study Shows, where I reported on a study conducted by a group of law librarians who compared federal court results across seven legal analytics products and found major differences in the kinds of analytics they offer and the results they deliver.

Tomorrow, I will be moderating a free webinar in which one of the principal authors of that study will be a panelist,  together with representatives of three legal technology companies that offer litigation analytics. We’ll take a look inside the black box of this technology to help you better understand how they work and what they can and cannot tell you about your cases.

Sponsored by the International Legal Technology Association, the webinar, Litigation Analytics — Breaking Down the Black Box, will feature four panelists:

The webinar is tomorrow at noon Eastern time. Register here.