What’s Fixed 


  • Default scope now set to “last used. If you set scope (e.g., jurisdiction, source)your choice now persists until you change it. 
  • Refine Search and Search Result BarWhen you go directly to a single document, this bar no longer appears. 
  • Libraries in Browse View are now in alphabetical order, making things easier to find. 
  • 11th Circuit + District CourtsThis source now includes only those district courts in the 11th Circuit. 
  • Older Codes Appearing as Newer CodesCorrected an issue where older statutes were incorrectly displaying as newer versions. 
  • Block QuotesBlock quotes are now displayed correctly. 
  • UI and CSS changesSeveral small changes to make the interface smoother and more functional. 
  • Keyword Highlighting (1) is no longer case sensitive and (2) can find keywords in quotations. The feature also will no longer disable the next and previous buttons. 
  • Jurisdiction SelectionIf you now choose a sub-library, the parent library will automatically unselect. Also fixed an issue, where jurisdiction selections will now be properly added to Search Results. 


 What’s Changed 


  • Full Screen IconTo view your document in full screen, just click the button in the toolbar’s topleft corner.