After 10 years as a lawyer at two leading transactional law firms, Haley Altman decided there should be a better way to structure the workflow around the many deals in which she was involved. So in 2016, she left law practice to found Doxly, a technology platform designed to transform the archaic and chaotic process of managing transactions into one that is streamlined and efficient.

Last August, Altman sold Doxly to the document technology company Litera Microsystems. That acquisition came just a month after Litera acquired U.K. company Workshare, which had its own transaction platform, Workshare Transact. Within a month, that meant, Litera went from having no transaction-management technology to owning two of the leading platforms — platforms that spanned both the U.S. and European markets.

At the recent Clio Cloud Conference in San Diego, Altman, who is now general manager of transaction management at Litera, sat down with me to record a conversation for my LawNext podcast. In our conversation, she provides updates on the acquisition and shares her thoughts on the state of legal technology more broadly.