Tomorrow at 1 p.m. Eastern time, I am moderating a free webinar, Why Self-Service Is Critical To The Future Of Legal Departments, sponsored by Everlaw and Above the Law.

We will look at how legal departments, in the face of heightened client expectation, are exploring self-service technologies in order to provide services more efficiently and at lower cost, without compromising on quality.

Speakers will be:

  • AJ Shankar, CEO and co-founder of Everlaw, a cloud-based litigation platform that enables teams to collaboratively discover, reveal, and act on the information that drives internal investigations and positively impacts legal outcomes. AJ is a technology entrepreneur with a Ph.D. in Computer Science from UC Berkeley and an A.B. in Applied Mathematics/Computer Science from Harvard University.
  • Jeremiah Weasenforth, managing project attorney in the Orrick Analytics group. Weasenforth manages a team of attorneys and technical non-attorneys that utilizes technology and project management discipline to assist with litigation and transactional tasks. His focus is bringing efficiency to all aspects of such tasks through the use of technology and sound process.

Among the areas we’ll explore:

  • NDAs.
  • Compliance.
  • Transactional: Pre- and Post-Execution .
  • Tools to provide non-legal executives, HR, and sales personnel with answers to common and routine legal questions.

Our webinar will examine use cases, opportunities, and best practices for enabling legal self-service in an enterprise environment.  Which aspects of legal practice lend themselves to a self-service model? What are the challenges inherent in setting up new processes? Drawing on deep subject matter expertise and concrete real-world examples, our program will start you on the path toward automated processes that are predictable, fast, secure, free, and errorless.

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