Practice management and case management are two essential parts of every law firm’s workflow. However, many law firms choose to go without a dedicated tool for the former and leave a glaring gap in their workflow. 

Without the proper practice management tool in place, your firm doesn’t have the essential tools it needs to process take on new clients. The right tool is end-to-end and includes online intake for potential new clients, ability to respond to new client inquiries, getting necessary documents and agreements signed, scheduling appointments, and helping you stay on top of project management. 

best legal crm shape software

Shape has built one of the most powerful and end-to-end law firm practice management solutions on the market, and the legal marketing experts at Inbound Law Marketing agree:

“Shape Legal is a powerful all-in-one software that combines client and case management with sales and marketing automation to streamline, organize, and grow your law firm.”

Inbound’s roundup gathered the top 14 practice management tools, and they had this to say about Shape:

Pros: [Shape has] end-to-end client and case management. Includes online documents, client portal, mobile app, invoicing, marketing and sales automation, SMS, dozens of 3rd party integrations, workflow automation, assign tasks to support staff, reporting, e-signature, custom configurations available.”

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The team over at Inbound Law Marketing have been working with a wide variety of law firms for years and know the ins and outs of how to build a growing practice through marketing. In addition to helping law firms with SEO, building websites, and optimizing web performance, they also consult on a number of tools that law firms needs to thrive. Read more about them here

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