At the beginning of July, our Corporate Search business development manager, Peter Booth, received an email out of the blue about whether we could track court cases? Before he could respond and establish what exactly was the issue, another three clients had emailed about the same thing.

It turned out that Bloomberg had just announced they were closing their subscription-based Court Docket & Case tracking service with only a month’s notice. For our clients, this was a potential disaster with some tracking hundreds.

We knew this was a massive opportunity but was also going to be a big challenge – could we launch a completely new service in just four weeks?

Over the next few days Peter, Alison, our product manager, and Mark, our CEO met with several clients to understand what they needed and whether we could help.

With the help of our client, we quickly came up with a prototype solution, which they were happy with and moved ahead with development.

Our enhanced Court Docket Search service now includes the ability to monitor live cases and receive automated alerts when there are new filings. We can also track for any new cases that contain a specified keyword such as a company name.

You can specify when and how often you would like us to search for your chosen case or keyword on either a pay-as-you-go or subscription basis.

We can also provide complete Court Dockets for past or present cases, daily court filings lists, and Court Document retrieval.

I want to thank all our clients who have helped with the development of our new service. We feel we’ve built a viable alternative to Bloomberg’s service that will ensure business continuity for our clients. This is the only beginning, though, and we will continue to develop this service as time goes on based on the feedback of our users.