Arguably, modern lawyers are the poster children for the hybrid work model — checking in with the office for messages between court appearances and meetings, forwarding notes for dictation, and returning phone calls, all on the road. Until the pandemic, the way the remote and fixed components worked together was determined on an ad hoc basis. As the new normal, however, the
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Legal software when working remotely
It can take months to find the right tool stack for your virtual practice. Not to mention that operating remotely can also incur unexpected communication challenges or late bill payments from your legal firm clients.
67% of legal practitioners would like to continue working from home in the future, even if in a hybrid setting.
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The legal sector is experiencing a shift in how services are delivered as new pricing models are emerging in the market. Traditionally, hourly billing has been the standard for law firms. Clients are billed on an hourly basis for the length time a lawyer spends on a case.
However, in recent years, fixed fee billing has become more common. According
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During the coronavirus pandemic, law firms have come to rely heavily on technology to keep operations running smoothly. But how do you know that the software you’re using is secure? In this post, we explore the legal tech that offers security as a principle.


From setting up online collaboration tools, to navigating video conferencing software, you’d be forgiven
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Traditionally, the legal sector has been somewhat risk-averse in its attitude towards remote working. And for an industry with so many regulations, it’s understandable. The culture that comes with working in the legal sector doesn’t always lend itself well to working from home.
Firstly, there’s the issue of data sensitivity, then cyber security procedures need to be considered and
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In the wake of this global crisis, many firms are under extreme pressure and disruption due to the advice to keep workers home. While many jobs can be performed remotely, many are just not yet set up to do so.
At WiseTime, we’ve had a remote working culture from the beginning due to the nature of our business. We do
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As the coronavirus outbreak continues, travel restrictions and health concerns are prompting many companies to embrace remote working for the first time. For some, adopting remote working practices will feel like uncharted territory, so we’ve put together this guide to provide you with a handy framework that has proven to work for us and many of our customers.
At WiseTime,
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