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The technological rebirth of law practice you’ve been hearing about since the days of the dot-com bubble is finally here—if only because lawyers have no other choice.
The rapid migration of U.S. legal processes to the internet in response to COVID-19 has also created more opportunities for firms to automate administrative tasks. When implemented correctly, the changes can allow legal
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As Illinois’s civil courts scramble to adapt to public health measures during the global Covid-19 pandemic, a clearer picture is emerging of what court operations might look like through most of 2020—and perhaps beyond.
On May 13, a panel of
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As litigation firms adjust to a distributed workforce and unpredictable revenue streams in the age of Covid-19, many must rapidly learn how to simplify their business operations for the months ahead.
The answer isn’t the “robot lawyers” of your legal blog nightmares. But it may well be automation of more menial processes.
Today, most law office tasks that can
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